Wait a second! Do you really want to return something you ordered from the Treasure Chest?

If we were selling another type of product, we'd want to offer a generous return policy.

Unfortunately, we know that our very existence is vexing to many, to say the least, who oppose our mission because they do not want anyone being 'exposed' to the concept of sexual or gender diversity in our public schools.

We are sorry if something you ordered (or were gifted) from the Rainbow Quest! Treasure Chest is not meeting your expectations.

We Are Committed

The team has been committed fifteen years of testing, research, and development to produce a quality, durable, and well-researched Rainbow Quest! game experience that is so wholesome we could play it with our own mothers, and is totally appropriate for middle and high-school students.

We stand behind the pricing and quality of the products we offer, and our products all ship with careful protection against damage.

If you truly do not appreciate or enjoy the experience of the Rainbow Quest! game or accessories, please consider re-gifting it or donating it to your local library.

Please contact us with any questions.